Building Green Futures

architecture for sustainable development

our mission

“building green futures” is a non-profit organization created to promote sustainable architecture and renewable energy towards improving living conditions and access to essential services in developing countries.

what we do

- design and construction of sustainable buildings

- information, training and research on sustainable architecture applied to humanitarian and development programmes.

our tools

- the “local hubs” are centers established in the regions where we work to help identify sustainable solutions through the use of local knowledge and traditions.

- the “permanent workshop” (based in Bologna - Italy) is a research and training outfit that produces technological innovation through collaboration with academia and the private sector

- multi-stakeholder partnerships with the UN system, international and local NGO’s, the private sector and national governments contribute to maximize the impact of our projects

our team

mario cucinella - founder and president

italo minguzzi - lawyer and vicepresident

giulia floriani - lawyer

federico butera - professor at politecnico di milano

brian ford - professor at university of nottingham

advisory board

andrea segrè - dean of agriculture faculty at university of bologna

andreas kipar - landscape architect

antonio navarra - director of euro-mediterranean centre for climate change

joe addo - architect and coordinator of bgf west africa hub

luca molinari - architectural reviewer

luigi presitnenza puglisi - architectural reviewer

mario abis - sociologist

owen lewis - professor at university of dublin

rashid abdelhamid - architect and coordinator of bgf middle east hub

riccardo luna - journalist

servando alvarez - engineer at university of siviglia

The pioneers

sergio los - architect

natasha pulitzer - architect

francesca sartogo - architect

thomas herzog - architect

edward mazria - architect

ted cullinan - architect


do you want to be part of the spirit of building green futures?

to participate, write to