University of Valle d'Aosta. Restoration and transformation of the former Testafochi Barracks

MCA won a public competition for the construction of the New Valdostana University. The project provided for the recovery and transformation of a total area of 56,302 sqm of the Ex Barracks Testafochi Barracks. The area is included in an important and strategic strip of land close to the urban center. The project involves the conservation and recovery of the main existing buildings and the construction of two new buildings that, while respecting the setting of the original floor plan, rebuild the whole area, opening it to the city and hosting in the most efficient way the spaces dedicated to education and to the common activities of the various faculties, in order to meet all the functional requirements (the university will accommodate 2,000 students) as well as to make it immediately recognizable as a Landmark of the contemporary city of Aosta. The new project strengthens the cultural activities, extends the heritage of green areas and integrates it up to be a system that runs through the city. Organization functions are favored in the university and each building has therefore set its functional autonomy.


energy performance

-38% HVAC CO2

17 kg CO2 / mq y

Classe A

heating 34 kWht / mq y

cooling 21 kWhf / mq y

Location: Milan Italy

Year: 2011 - under construction project

Client: NUV – Nuova Università Valdostana

Type: Winner competition


Surface area: 30,320 m2 + 22,000 m2 underground

Budget: 98,000,000  €

Project: Mario Cucinella Architects (Coordinator), Pession Studio Associato, Tetrastudio, rA – Studio Rosset e Associati, Sintecna (structures), Golder (mechanical and electrical engineering), , Ing. Giuseppe Amaro (Fire security)

Team MCA: Mario Cucinella, Julissa Gutarra (architect in charge), Riccardo Minghini and Michele Olivieri (project managers for the delivery final phase), Nada Balestri (executive respondible), Rigoberto Arambula, Fabrizio Bonatti, Alberto Bruno, Alberto Casarotto, Giulia Pentella, Agnese Pirani, Caterina Pirani, Luca Sandri, Luca Stramigioli; Yuri Costantini (model maker)

3D Renders: Engram Studio

Photo: Moreno Maggi


Structural engineering: Sintecna srl

Mechanical and Electrical engineering: Golder Associates srl – Metec & Saggese – Energy Services

Acoustic: Onleco srl

Security and fire: Ing. Giuseppe G. Amaro

Coordination: Mario Cucinella Architects