Tel Aviv

Porter school of environmental studies

The building is conceived as an extension of the territory itself. It is laid out on three floors but of these only one leaves the ground level, while the others follow the slope that overlooks the skyline of Tel-Aviv, growing horizontally after emerging from the surrounding greenery. The roof of the lower level is, in fact, a promenade. The building’s contact, or imprint on the land, allows it to take advantage of the benefits of a passive heating while the garden, viewed as an oasis through the various levels, allows the building to "breathe" via vegetation and cooling towers.

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Type: International Competition

Year: 2002

Client: Tel Aviv University


Surface area: 3 000 m2

Project: Mario Cucinella Architects

Team: Mario Cucinella, Elizabeth Francis, Marie Bazin, Sabino Bizzoca, Elena Lavezzo, Davide Paolini