Fondazione Rovati Museum

A collection of Etruscan vases in a uniquely evocative space

The result of a private commission, the project for a museum of Etruscan art was born out of the desire of the Luigi Rovati Foundation to create a place to showcase its art collections, principally a collection of Etruscan vases. The project entails rehabilitation of an existing building and the enlargement, underground, of an exhibition area which will be open to the public, articulated into three main interventions: The first is the expansion of the underground level of the property and the construction of the museum underground that will house the collection of Etruscan vases and other artifacts; the second is the renovation of the nineteenth-century Bocconi-Rizzoli-Carraro palace; the third concerns the large garden at the rear of the property, which the client has decided to return to its original character, with the intent of protecting tree species of historical value, emphasizing the harvest aspect that the garden manifests to visitors from the main entrance hall of the palace. The landscape rehabilitation project was designed in an accord with the Superintendence for Architectural and Landscape Heritage.

Location:  Milano

Year: 2016 – commessa in corso

Client: Fondazione Luigi Rovati

Property: FIDIM

Tipe: Commessa


Progetto: Mario Cucinella Architects

Team: Mario Cucinella, Enrico Iascone, Luca Sandri, María Dolores del Sol Ontalba


Martina Bucciti, Wallison Caetano, Eurind Caka, Dario Castellari, Davide Cazzaniga, Flavio Giaccone, Enrico Pintabona, Giovanni Sanna, Irene Sapienza, Ernesto Tambroni, Chiara Tomassi; Irene Giglio (bioclimatic design)

Models: Yuri Costantini, Andrea genovesi


Project Management: Revalo SpA

Systems Engineering: Manens - Tifs SpA

Structural Engineering: Milan Ingegneria Srl

Landscape Design: Greencure Marilena Baggio Paesaggista

Fire Security: Gae Engineering Srl