GD Spa

Multipurpose center for GD Spa

The project entails the construction of a unique complex that integrates several functions, generating through its form a new landmark for the area of the city of Bologna. The building is like a "ribbon", a sort of "snake", which uncoils and wraps around itself, generating a sequence of open spaces: one public, which includes the piazza and the museum, and the second private, comprising the cafeteria, the conference room and the daycare center.

Location: Bologna, Italy

Year: 2006

Client: GD spa


Surface area: 7 000 m2

Budget: 8 ML €


Project: Mario Cucinella Architects

Team: Mario Cucinella, Elizabeth Francis, Tommaso Bettini (architect in charge), Cristina Garavelli, Marco Orlandi, Michele Roveri


Structures: Studio Ceccoli Associati, Permasteelisa

Mechanical and electrical installations: MANENS Intertecnica