Hines Varesine

Residential Complex

The proposed residential block will act as a "mediator" between the new and the old city. The project is based on a flexible modular grid that allows the creation and combination of a wide variety of residential types, with open spaces, terraces, balconies and private gardens. From an architectural standpoint, the main features of the project are a compact form and the uniformity and quality of materials. The building presents itself as a monolith, a marble block sculpted by rigorous and geometric shapes that have been subtracted from the material to make room for courts, gardens and terraces. 

Location: Milan, Italy

Year: 2006

Client: Hines Italia srl


Surface area: 8 750 m2

Budget: 12.5 ML€

Project: Mario Cucinella Architects

Team: Mario Cucinella, Elizabeth Francis (architect in charge), Luca Bertacchi, David Hirsch, Tommaso Bettini

3D Rendering: Engram Studio