Renovation of Building No. 8 IspraEco Centre

The European Commission organized an international competition for the renovation of several buildings within the Joint research center in Ispra. In Building No. 8, the cafeteria was renovated using a new shading roof. New facades and skylights allow natural ventilation and provide a reduction in energy consumption.

Location: Ispra, Italy

Type: International Competition - Winner project

Year: 1994-1996

Client: JRC Ispra Servizi Infrastruttura

Owner: European Commission


Surface area: 3.000 sqm

Budget: 1.300.000 €

Project: Mario Cucinella Architects

Team: Mario Cucinella, Elizabeth Francis, Edoardo Badano (Architect in charge), Chantal Cattaneo della Volta, Enrico de Carlo, Anna Fabro, Vittorio Grassi, Roberto Leone, Hembert Penaranda

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering: OVE ARUP and Partners

Structural Engineering: TPE, Favero e Milan ingegnieri

General Contractor: Fratelli Dioguardi srl

Photographers: Jean de Calan