Museo Enzo Ferrari and Maserati

The project strives to reinvent the concept of exhibition space, to be understood not as a dedicated building but as a theme park. The typical museum, which is traditionally treated as a closed set of compartments subdivided by theme, thus becomes an open space, fully adapting to the needs for flexibility in setting and use of space. There are no constraints in the delineation of pathways, spaces take on different hierarchies based on the installations and functions dictated by the program, inserted into a natural articulation of the landform.

Location: Modena, Italy

Type: Competition

Year: 2004

Client: Fondazione Enzo Ferrari


Surface area: 50 000 m2

Budget: 8.8 ML€

Project: Mario Cucinella Architects

Team: Mario Cucinella, Elizabeth Francis, Gabriele Evangelisti (architect in charge), Stefano Brunelli, Marco Orlandi, Michele Roveri