Michelin campus

Michelin Research Center

MCA has been selected to take part in the international competition to build a new research center for Michelin, within its Ladoux structure, in Clermont Ferrand. The proposed building will be 300 meters long and cross, like a bridge, over the main roadway within the site, creating a new connection resembling a bustling city street, a "research boulevard." 


energy performance

-92% HVAC CO2

1 kg CO2 / mq y

BBC Batiment de Basse Consommation

heating 3 kWht / mq y

cooling 41 kWhf / mq y

Location: Ladoux, France

Type: International Competition by Invitation

Year: 2008

Client: Groupe Michelin


Surface Area: 53 121 m2 SHON

Project: Mario Cucinella Architects

Team: Mario Cucinella, Stefano Massa (architect in charge), Alessandro Gazzoni, Riccardo Minghini, Michele Oliveri, Linda Larice, Hyun Kim, Caterina Michelini, Giupeppe Perrone, Susana Tundo, Debora Venturi, Alessio Rocco


Consultents: Denis Ameil – Cabinet Denis AMEIL; Piero Castiglioni – Piero Castiglioni Srl

Structural engineering: GEC Ingenierie

Mechanical and electrical engineering: GEC Ingenierie BET TCE & HQE, TIFS Ing

Landscaping: AIA Atelier de la rize

Lighting : Castiglioni

3D Rendering: Engram Studio