Lombardia Region Headquarters

 The design for the new Palace of the Lombardy Region aims to combine the practical need for a new home for administrative offices in the region, designed according to principles of flexibility, modernity and representation, with the opportunity to give the city a new symbol, not only formal but also an expression of modern and "ecological" architecture. The project starts from the premise that a public building is to be understood as both a product of construction and as an element of symbolism and a definition of "space" for the city. The proposed building is an expression of a conception of architecture deeply aware of environmental and energy issues. 


energy performance

-44% HVAC CO2

21 kg CO2 / mq y


heating 35 kWht / mq y

cooling 65 kWhf / mq y

Location: Milan, Italy

Year: 2004

Client: Lombardy region


Surface area: 87 000 m2

Budget: 175 ML €

Project: Mario Cucinella Architects  &  Foster & Partners