Lavazza management center

 MCA has been chosen to participate in the competition to design the new headquarters of Lavazza. The project involves the use of a bioclimatic greenhouse that surrounds the entire building, separating the offices from the outside. Thanks to the innovative use of this structure – an integral part of the climate control system – and together with other strategies, the complex achieves energy class A +. 


energy performance

-91% HVAC CO2

4 kg CO2 / mq y

Classe A+ e LEED Platinum

heating 25 kWht / mq y

cooling 80 kWhf / mq y

Location: Turin, Italy

Type: Competition by invitation

Year: 2010

Client: Lavazza spa

Surface area: 43 000 m2

Budget: 35 ML €

Project: Mario Cucinella Architects

Team: Mario Cucinella, Alberto Bruno, Juan Gabriel La Malfa, Riccardo Minghini, Michele Olivieri, Giulia Pentella

3D Rendering: Engram Studio