Ospedali Toscani

Design of new hospitals in the Apuane

This project for four new Apuane hospitals (Lucca, Massa, Pistoia, Prato) - in response to a competition for project financing - was conceived in terms of flexibility, as a "model" of hospital building that could be interpreted to conform to their individual contexts. The philosophy of the project adheres to the guidelines issued by the former health minister Umberto Veronesi for the "model hospital". A willingness to respond adequately to technological developments, changes in socio-economic and cultural conditions, together with the utmost attention the patient and to those who give care are the key elements of this model hospital. 

Location: Pistoia – Prato – Lucca – Massa Carrara

Year: 2005 preliminare - 2008 definitivo

Client: Astaldi Spa, Pizzarotti Spa, Techint Spa

Surface area: 40 000 m2 Massa Carrara;          45 000m2 Lucca; 43 000m2 Pistoia; 50 000m2 Prato

Budget: 320 ML

Project: Mario Cucinella Architects

Team: Mario Cucinella, Francesco Barone (architect in charge), Richard Ceccanti, Alessandro Gazzoni, Dora Giunco, Federico Grazzini, Antonella Maggiore, Caterina Michelini, Michele Olivieri, Giulio Pisciotti


Design Coordination: Studio Altieri Spa

Hospital & Health Design,

interior layout: Studio Altieri Spa

Structural Engineering: Mario Cucinella Architects e Studio Altieri Spa

Mechanical and electrical Engineering: Studio Ing. Luca Sani

Environmental feasibility study: Studio del Bino

Rendering: Engram Studio