palazzo Pepoli

Museum of the history of Bologna

The design concept proposed by MCA for the Museum of the History of Bologna provides a reinterpretation of the context surrounding Palazzo Pepoli. Piazza del Francia becomes a natural extension of the Museum. The pedestrianized space becomes a town square (instead of a car park) and transforms the area of Piazza Minghetti into a new Piazza Minerale, safeguarding the existing trees. Palazzo Pepoli is thereby transformed into a container of new pathways: a new entrance from the Piazza del Francia, descending to the basement via Castiglione, penetrates to the courtyard the palace and rises upward in a spiral. 

Location: Bologna, Italy

Type: Competition

Year: 2003

Client: Museo della città di Bologna srl


Surface area: 19 570 m2

Budget: 22 ML €

Project: Mario Cucinella Architects

Video: Squintopera