Paris metro

Villejuif -Leo Lagrange metro station

Built as part of the centenary of the Paris Metro RATP organized a competition for the renovation of 10 stations. At Villejuif-Leo Lagrange the theme was sport. The space was transformed with images that recall the atmosphere of a stadium, with lights and graphic panels designed for the occasion.

Location: Paris, France

Type: Competition - Winner project

Year: 1998-2000

Client: Régie Autonome des transports Parisiens


Surface area: 1000 m2

Budget: 620.000 Euro

Project: Mario Cucinella Architects

Team: Mario Cucinella, Elizabeth Francis, Edoardo Badano (site architect), Eva Cantwell, Sophie Scheubel, Danilo Vespier

Partner: Philippe Fages BI CKS


Lighting Design: Passerelles

Graphics: Julien Botias, Philippe Forestier

Fotographer: Jean de Calan