New Parliament for the Republic of Albania

The project consists of a single urban scale structure containing an autonomous "city of government". The roof acts simultaneously as an icon of the project and climatic moderator. The main space houses the plenary hall and functions accessible to the public. The government citadel is itself organized as a small city in which terraced gardens and squares provide a strong urban character. The bioclimatic strategies are as follows: thermal mass, geothermal, solar shading, use of natural lighting, cross ventilation, radiant floor cooling, photovoltaic technology.


energy performance

-100% HVAC CO2

0 kg CO2 / mq y

Breeam Excellent

heating 32 kg CO2 / mq y

cooling 44 kWhf / mq y

Location: Tirana, Albany

Type: International Competition by invitation

Status: Design completed

Year: 2011

Client: Republic of Albania


Area: 49 065 m2

Project: Mario Cucinella Architects

Team: Mario Cucinella, Riccardo Minghini (architect in charge), Nada Balestri, Alberto Bruno, Marco Dell'Agli, Gabriele Evangelisti, Luca Portobonacci; Yuri Costantini (model maker)


Engineering: Politecnica  ingegneria e architettura

Landscape: Land srl

3D Rendering: Engram Studio