The application of passive downdraught evaporative cooling to non-domestic building

The European Commission co-funded an international group of architects, engineers and industrial interests for the development of research into the implementation of a direct evaporative cooling system for office buildings in hot areas with low humidity. This resulted in a building with an integrated system of glass towers that combine natural light and cool air distribution.

European Union project

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Location: Catania Italy

Type: Research project Joule III

Year: 1993-1996

Client: European Commission


Surface area: 5000 m2

Partners: Brian Ford Architects, University of Malaga (ETSII), De Montfort University UK

Consultants: Peter Heppel Engineer DEGW, OVE ARUP & Partners, Lausanne Polytechnic, Università di Ancona

Project: Mario Cucinella Architects

Team: Mario Cucinella, Elizabeth Francis (architect in charge), James Tynan, Elisabetta Trezzani, Danilo Vespier, Simona Agabio, Edoardo Badano, Francesco Bombardi


Structural engineering: TPE Ingegneria

Quantity Surveyor: Davis Langdon Consulting