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We design and construct Architectural projects that, through research, the use of innovative technologies, and professional skill, embody an ideal of architectural quality integrating environmental sustainability, ethics and a positive social impact.

Mario Cucinella

Mario Cucinella Architects is an architectural firm with offices in Bologna and New York and an international team of ninety professionals including architects, engineers, graphic designers, model makers, and researchers.

The firm was established in Paris in 1992 and opened its offices in Bologna in 1999. MC A has extensive experience in architectural design that combines environmental and energy efficiency strategies and relies on an R&D department that carries out research on sustainability with a holistic approach.

MC A is synonymous with top quality and professionalism in every step of the process, adopting a coordinated and multidisciplinary approach.

An in-house team of BIM managers and coordinators ensures the implementation of BIM processes. MC A also boasts an in-house Interior Design and Industrial Design department.

All these projects stand out for the way they integrate technology, climate adaptation and environmental strategies. The aim is to create buildings with a reduced environmental impact, in line with the EU targets for 2020 and 2030, as well as to contribute to climate mitigation and adaptation and ensure a positive social impact, thanks to growing public participation in planning and urban transformation processes.

Our method

Emission-0 buildings for a sustainable future

MC A wants to design buildings that represent concrete solutions for environmental sustainability. The goal is to integrate design solutions and green technologies to ensure that buildings become net producers of energy, with zero carbon emissions and without resorting to fossil fuels or to the consumption of limited natural resources. In a similar way, and where possible, design technologies and solutions are adopted that allow the correct management of waste and natural resources, such as water and raw materials (collection, reuse and recycling).

Projects that contribute to urban regeneration and social change

Using the words of Jaime Lerner, buildings can function as a sort of "Urban Acupuncture", which creates new energy and revitalizes a "sick" or "suffering" area and its surroundings. Exactly like in the medical approach, this intervention will trigger a positive chain effect helping to treat and improve the whole system. This approach has also guided MC A's research and work on social housing projects aimed at regenerating urban suburbs and responding to the ever-changing needs of modern society.

Form and material are integrated to ensure comfortable environments and reduce the demand for energy

For MC A, the most important phase of the creative process is the identification of the right balance between architecture and climate, so that architectural language can strengthen the beneficial effect of technologies. Through appropriate passive design solutions (shape and orientation) and particular attention to the design of the enclosure, the buildings designed by MC A aim to achieve maximum benefits from natural ventilation and solar energy. The focus on passive design interventions over the last 20 years has allowed MC A to consistently design buildings that consume less than the standard consumption of buildings.

Human dimension architecture: environment, beauty and social impact

In the MC A approach, sustainable design integrates with the aesthetic ideal, in a dialectical relationship that leads to the design of buildings of high structural and aesthetic quality.
Architectural projects draw inspiration from the natural, social and cultural characteristics of the places where one is used to live. A "human-scale" architecture capable of satisfying the social, economic and cultural needs of individuals, thus allowing the creation of comfortable and stimulating environments.

People and their environment are the sources of inspiration for a quality design that celebrates cultural identities

In 20 years of activity, MC A has gained considerable experience in architectural planning and urban planning with a particular focus on bioclimatic solutions and on the rational use of resources. The projects are developed following a rigorous working method that includes: the research phases of the vernacular context and architecture; the optimization of forms and design through the use of digital software; the experimentation of the solutions adopted through 3D models and simulations in the laboratory.

Mario Cucinella Architects is progressively expanding its international presence: the studio has realized projects in Europe, China, West Africa, the Middle East, Australia. In all these areas, MC A strives to express not only its architectural style, but rather the identity of places, people, materials and environments.

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