Arcipelago Italia

Arcipelago Italia

16. International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale

Arcipelago Italia is a manifesto that points to possible ways forward for the revival of the interior territories, to restore value and importance to architecture and because the work of the architect must reclaim a role of social responsibility

Mario Cucinella

The 2018 Italian Pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, curated by Mario Cucinella was not only an exhibition of works, projects and best practices but it is an opportunity for Italy. A reflection of international scope useful to the communities.

Arcipelago Italia has focused its attention on architecture as a decisive tool for relaunching the internal territories, presenting at the same time a journey and applied research to transform the analysis into concrete proposals.

An itinerary of about one hundred stages, marked by small architectures of quality created in recent years and the result of a call promoted by the curator, in dialogue with examples taken from history, in the relationship between architecture and landscape, has characterized the first tesa. 5 experimental projects designed for five strategic areas for the relaunch of the country's internal territories characterized the second tesa.


Starting from the Western Alps, the itinerary crossed the Alpine arc, the Apennine ridge and then arrived in Sardinia. An alternative reading of contemporary architecture to what is offered by metropolitan cities.

The journey was the tool chosen to bring the Italian Pavilion to the territories seeking examples of virtuous, empathetic and measured contemporary architecture, which have emerged through a cognitive investigation held in the months preceding the Biennale.

Five experimental projects
for the country

• Off Cells: A place of work for the Casentinesi Forests

• A diptych for Camerino: Connecting community and culture in the Crater zone

• Basento Workshop: Two healing nodes for the Matera Hill

• Cultivating the future: A piazza for the growth of Belice

• Citizens' house: A place of healing for Barbagia

La Valle del Belice, Gibellina

Cultivating the future. A piazza for the growth of the Belice

Barbagia, Ottana

The citizens’ house. A place for care in the Barbagia


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