16. International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale

Arcipelago Italia

Projects for the future of the country's internal territories

“ARCIPELAGO ITALIA. is the title of the Italian Pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale curated by Mario Cucinella, which focuses on the urban space that runs along the Italian ridge, from the Alpine Arch, along the Apennines, up to the Mediterranean.

An itinerary with a hundred stages, suggested by small, high quality architectural projects realized in recent years and the result of a call promoted by the curator, in dialogue with examples taken from history, with the relationship between architecture and landscape; a journey into the future, investigating the current situation and proposing a reflection on contemporary issues such as the urban periphery, the earthquake aftermath, brownfields, railways and mobility; five experimental projects in as many areas of Italy.

The 2018 Italy Pavilion will not only be an exhibition of works, projects and best practices: it is an opportunity for Italy, a reflection of international scope useful to the communities of these places and finally an applied research used to transform analysis into concrete proposals.

The route runs along a substantial part of Archipelago Italia, strating from the project "Borgo Telematico" made by Giancarlo De Carlo, in Colletta di Castelbianco, in the western Alps, crossing the Alpine arch, the Apennine ridge and arriving in Sardinia.

An alternative reading of contemporary architecture to what is offered by metropolitan cities, which constitute a minority part of the country's DNA. The journey is the tool chosen to bring the Italian Pavilion to the territories, seeking examples of virtuous, empathetic and measured contemporary architecture, which have emerged through a cognitive investigation (the call) held in the months preceding the Biennale. The aim is to underline the existing dialogue, the possible links and continuities among these examples and the excellence that our country has expressed in the course of its history. Villages, parks of naturalistic value, hiking trails, paths and cycleways contribute to the story of a rich, prolific and complex reality.

Five projects
for the country

Five strategic areas have been selected (listed in the press release), investigated in recent months to arrive at defining an answer to specific problems. With the five projects of Archipelago Italia we aim to develop concrete proposals that have the potential to serve as catalysts of energy and activators of new forms of development for the areas in which they are located.

5 symbolic places of Italy