Creative Empathy

Creative Empathy

A way of thinking, a book, an exhibition, a project for the future

creative empathy
for a new culture of sustainability

The internationalization of the processes of building indifferent to places, cultures, landscape and energy conditions, has created a diffusion of models not adapted to the climate and local conditions, so as to transform the built not in opportunities, but in planetary energy problem.

If on the one hand the growth of cities has been, in fact, a great opportunity for this century, on the other the development of an economy geared exclusively to profit has generated a deep carelessness to people and generated, in cities, places of strangeness .

The consequence was a vulgarization of building models that led not only to a flattening of the urban landscape and an indifference to different needs, but created a problem of consumption often incompatible with the microeconomies, also causing levels of pollution incompatible with the life of the people.

The definition of sustainability must therefore take into account two points of view, the first of a technical and performance nature, the other relating to a new relationship between architecture and landscape that generates identity with greater creative empathy. Against a model that is indifferent to places and people, sustainability is by definition not global, it is against the principle of flattening and simplification of languages.

Inaugurated at the Milan Triennale on Thursday 17 November 2016, the exhibition "Empathy Creative" by Mario Cucinella Architects alternated the exhibition of five projects that the studio is carrying out in Lombardy with a series of talks designed ad hoc and organized for the duration of the 5 weeks.


The projects collected in the book represent a selection of the most important works realized and underway during fifteen years of activity of the international MCA study. The collection is completed by special contributions from professionals and experts who have been cooperating with the firm for years.

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The projects on show: the Unipol Group Headquarter, the new COIMA Headquarters, the new Surgery and Emergency Center of the San Raffaele Hospital, the City of Health and Research, the Fondazione Rovati Museum.

The exhibition ended on Sunday 18th December 2016.

Place: Milan Triennale

Year: 2016

Project: Mario Cucinella Architects

Set up project: Mario Cucinella, Irene Giglio, Giuliana Maggio

with the contribution of Aldo Colonetti

Models: Yuri Costantini, Andrea Genovesi, Ambra Cicognani

Press office: Michela Grosso

Staging: Mateca, Riva 1920, Paint Makers

Graphics: ZUP Design

Lighting Project: Filippo Cannata

Virtual reality project: Vitruvio Virtual Museum

Communication partner: PPAN Communication and Networking for the built

Video realization and editing: Francesco Paolucci


Urban Up, Lombard Infrastructure, San Donato Hospital Group, COIMA Luigi Rovati Foundation.

Publication of the book Creative Empathy: Skira and Luca Molinari

Selection of books available for consultation: Manuel Orazi

With the Patronage of: Lombardy Region, City of Milan, City of Sesto San Giovanni

With the support of: Frassinagodiciotto, Samsung, Euroambiente, VideoWorks, Casone

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