BIENNALE SESSIONS: Sustainability & Innovation Day

07 Jun 2021

1 min

Sustainability & Innovation Day – Balancing Nature and Sustainable Living

22 Jun 2021 – 04:30 PM in London

In this Session, Wallpaper* Architecture Editor Ellie Stathaki meets Italian architect Mario Cucinella, Michael Ramage, Director of the Centre for Natural Material Innovation, University of Cambridge and PLP Architecture’s Founding Partner Ron Bakker to discuss the evolving relationship between nature and our expanding urban environments.
Through the examination of new techniques for the responsible use of traditional materials, the panel explores new adaptable solutions to reduce the impact of climate change and create a sustainable balance between people and the planet.

Ron Bakker, Founding Partner, PLP Architecture
Mario Cucinella, Principal, Mario Cucinella Architects – MC A
Michael H. Ramage, Director, Centre for Natural Material Innovation, University of Cambridge

Chair: Ellie Stathaki, Architecture Editor, Wallpaper*

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