MC A wins the Campus Kid competition

08 Apr 2019

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Yesterday, Sunday 7th April, the project developed by Studio Mario Cucinella Architects was presented to the public. The project is the winner of the competition organized by the Municipality of San Lazzaro di Savena (BO) for the construction of the new Campus Kid’s  school and sports centre.

One of the presenters was the architect Mario Cucinella himself, along with the mayor of San Lazzaro Isabella Conti and school and city authorities, in the main hall of the Jussi schools.

“After a journey that involved all the citizens, the beautiful Campus Kid’s project finally takes shape – explains the mayor Isabella Conti. The first step of this path starts from  Jussi schools, which can count on a wing completely restructured and enlarged. It is a futuristic vision that becomes reality. This space which links school, sport and culture will give to our children  and students the opportunity to grow up, live and learn in an healthy and safe environment, where the space’s beauty becomes part of the education and contributes to our little citizens’ grow. We are proud to be able to count  on  the  professionalism and high level of innovation of Mario Cucinella, who has collaborated with personalities of the caliber of Renzo Piano and has won numerous awards thanks to green and sustainable projects.”

“The new building – says Mario Cucinella – becomes an opportunity to regenerate and restore to the community a piece of a city with high social and environmental potential. The development of places for children and young people leads to bigger reflection and consideration on the role of architecture as an educational tool: the space shapes behavior. Children raised in a comfortable and stimulating environment, tailored to their needs, will become more aware adults and citizens.”

The school building wants to create a unitary complex (schools, gym, auditorium) through a valuable architecture. A space open to the community and in harmony with the urban park, which guarantees well-being conditions both in outdoor and indoor spaces, which exploits the potential of the site in order to improve comfort, minimizing consumption and maximizing passive strategies. A building in which the architecture integrates the mechanical, structural and technological components, and which strategically responds to the redevelopment and construction in sequential phases.

With this project the main aim of Mario Cucinella Architects is to put into practice the firm’s expertise on innovative educational spaces, a subject that has been part of an extensive and applied research within the studio for several years.

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