Nice Brazil New Headquarters

A project, conceived according to Industry 4.0 principles

The project, conceived according to Industry 4.0 principles, aims at maximizing the efficiency of the production processes and at empowering the human capital, while promoting a holistic approach towards sustainability in full harmony with the local climatic and cultural context Nice Brazil New Headquarters (approximately 16000 sqm) is located in Limeira, in the Campinas region, North-West from Sao Paulo, on a strategic site that hosts an underground water source surrounded by a small forest.

The roof represents the most iconic element of the project. Its spiky shape recalls a tropical leaf that lands gently on the site, protecting the existing vegetation while offering shadow to all functions that sit underneath it (offices, showroom and production).

Thanks to its proximity to the Equator, Limeira is characterised by high solar angles, fairly simple to be shaded thanks to the implementation of a horizontal overhang which depth has been optimized to fully shade the glass façades during the central hours of the day, reducing by 47% the incident annual radiation and avoiding the overheating risk. The production area, thanks to the combination between increased thermal mass and continuous natural ventilation operates for the whole year in free-running mode (with no heating nor cooling needed). The headquarters rely as well on natural ventilation for 2/3 of the year thanks to the access to openable façade elements and to the integration of movable openings into the atrium’s patio that transform it into a gigantic stack-ventilator.

The design interacts continuously with the surrounding landscape, reinterpreting traditional Brazilian architectural elements while encouraging its users to take advantage of all passive features to re-establish a symbiotic relationship between built space and nature.

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