Residential Development Ex Factory Watches

Quality of living and quality of space by enhancing local identity

The project deal with the renovation and expansion of the Former Watches Factory located in Arogno, Switzerland.

The architectural concept moves on the principle that the quality of living is strongly influenced by the quality of public and private space that is around him. The dialogue with the context becomes a very important element: the project involves the local identity through the definition of plant and material relationships with the territory of belonging.

The new volumes are intended for residential use such degrading extension towards the valley of the existing building. The project is committed to a conservative restoration of existing buildings, with the elimination of the lowest and most recent body that develops in front of the factory, as well as undertakes to confer a public interest to existing farm buildings.

Type: Order
Surface area: 3,530 square meters (2000 square meters of wooded area)
Project: Mario Cucinella Architects
Team: Mario Cucinella, Enrico Iascone, Daniele Morelli, Giuliana Maggio, Alberto Casarotto, Francesco Guiducci, Julissa Gutarra, Alberto Menozzi
Visual: MCArchive

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