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Riva 1920
Riva 1920, founded in 1920 in Cantù (the heart of Brianza) is specialized in the production of solid wood furniture and stands out for using raw materials coming from American reforestation program and the reuse of woods such as the millennial Kauri, the Briccole of Venice and the scented cedar of Lebanon. The company is made of traditions, creativity and innovation.
Craft skills and values combine with innovation and cutting-edge technology. Design, signed by internationally renowned names, enhances ideas and exploration. The attention to the environment represents a continuous challenge.
The essential ingredient of the whole process is the use of high-quality raw materials (including non-hazardous glues and finishing based on natural oils andwaxes of vegetable origin), the only guarantee to offer agenuine natural product.“Producing furniture that challenge time and respect the environment fully” it’s the principle that has been guiding Riva 1920 for more 100 years, making it a true excellence of “Made in Italy”.

Etrurio stool

©Riva 1920

The Etrurio stool is carved from a single block of solid cedar wood and features the distinctive shape of Etruscan vases. A fully natural, hand-finished product made without any additional treatment. Any movement, crack, or changes to the wood represents the natural evolution of the raw material and depends on the various environmental conditions.

Material Solid wood
Inspiration Impasto and bucchero pottery collection at the Nuovo Museo dell’Arte – Fondazione Luigi Rovati – Milan
Production Riva 1920
Year 2018
Photo Urban Reports, Riva 1920, Fabrizio Cicconi, Francesco Paolucci
Team Mario Cucinella

  • Inspiration: Impasto and bucchero pottery collection at the Nuovo Museo dell’Arte – Fondazione Luigi Rovati – Milan

  • Sketch by MCA

  • ©Riva1920

  • ©Francesco Paolucci

  • ©Urban Reports

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Arcipelago Table

©Francesco Paolucci

On the occasion of the 16th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale curated by Mario Cucinella, Riva creates 5 tables through the exclusive use of adhesives, waxes and natural oils combined with a sustainable design that involves the use of reused woods such as Briccole and the fragrant cedar of Lebanon. For the tops, Lebanon cedar was used, large trees from Northern Italy felled due to landslides, climatic events or planned cuts. To support the tables 321 legs in Briccola wood, disused posts of the Venetian lagoon.

Material Reused woods, Briccole; Cedar of Lebanon
Inspiration Italy landscape morphology
Production Riva Industria Mobili
Year 2018
Photo Francesco Paolucci, Urban Reports
Team Mario Cucinella

  • Sketch by MCA

  • ©Urban Reports

  • ©Urban Reports

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