100K Home

100K Home

Casa 100k

Research project for a low-cost residence

This project was initiated following a study carried out in collaboration with a team of sociologists, to offer a home of 100 square meters and zero emissions of CO2, suitable housing at low-cost and low-impact.

A home that is able to return the pleasure of living and pays back its investment cost with the energy that it can produce. The house is designed as a technological kit, where photovoltaics integrated with the architecture. The use of solar energy-capturing surfaces for the winter months, internal air circulation for summer and all manner of available passive strategies make the building a perfect bioclimatic machine.

Type: Research Project

Architectural and Environmental design: Mario Cucinella Architects Srl

Team: Mario Cucinella, Alberto Bruno, Hyun Seok Kim, Cristina Garavelli, Alessandro Gazzoni, Dora Giunco, Stefano Massa, Giulia Pentella, Giulio Pisciotti, Alessio Rocco,  Luca Stramigioli, Susanna Tundo, Debora Venturi. Models: Stefano Rossi

Sociological research: Makno – Mario Abis

Technical partnership: Italcementi Group

Electrical and mechanical engineering: Politecnica Ingegneria; with the collaboration of: Fondazione Symbola & Legambiente

Visual: Engram Studio

Photo credit: Daniele Domenicali