The Gabelli School

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Bologna Fronte Parco

The Gabelli School

progetto definitivo Scuola Gabelli

Building the school of the future based on contemporary needs and collective memory

Applying the vision of innovative school to a building of historical and artistic interest – ranked 20 among the “Beloved Places” of the Italian Heritage Trust (FAI) – is both a challenge and an opportunity.

A restoration and redevelopment project becomes the chance to bring the Gabelli School back to its splendor. A delicate, high-precision procedure that aims at recovering and enhancing the basics of the Pizzigoni method. But there will also be room for new functions and a new spatial configuration based on how the building is used throughout the day. All this without ever neglecting people’s wellbeing and comfort, thanks to the use of active and passive energy strategies.

This project will be fully sustainable even from a social point of view, as it will involve the local population and launch a participatory planning process to return this school to the city of Belluno and its citizens. More importantly, it will also give a new image to the building, making it a true icon and a model for the schools of the future.

Location: Belluno, Italy

Year: 2017 – on going project

Type: Open tender procedure for the awarding of the final, executive plan and project management – winning project

Client: Municipality of Belluno

Project by: Mario Cucinella Architects

Team: Mario Cucinella, Marco Dell’Agli with Laura Mancini con Martina Ruini, Marta Torsello, Giuliana Maggio

Systems: STIEM Engineering

Structures: Marco Redolfi

Landscape design: Atena Studio

Fire prevention: Andrea Luppi

Visual: Alessia Monacelli, Francesco Naimoli, Giovanni Checchia