Housing and new collective spaces for Peccioli’s old town center

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Housing and new collective spaces for Peccioli’s old town center

progetto architettonico sviluppato da Mario Cucinella Architects per il centro storico di Peccioli

The architectural project developed by Mario Cucinella Architects for Peccioli’s old town center aims to improve the quality of the public spaces, recover the town’s historical heritage, and promote the creation of new commercial and cultural activities.

That’s why the first goal of the intervention is to redevelop a site of high historical interest and create a new cultural center.
Peccioli is a small town with a medieval topography. The urban regeneration process is not to be considered as just an expansion. It’s more like an interpretation of the needs of the town’s population and landmarks. The recovery and expansion of a considerable part of Peccioli’s urban fabric aim at recreating a meeting space for the community.

The project is based on the recovery of the Palazzo in Via Carraia, restoring the existing apartments, and the creation of new public and commercial spaces. On the other hand, the abandoned building on the street below (Via dei Bastioni) will be transformed to house public activities and connected to the Palazzo.

The project aims at ensuring visual permeability, creating new usable spaces on the ground floor and pursuing a variable formal and chromatic impact.

The existing building will be redesigned to ensure the best environmental conditions in the apartments, condominium spaces, and retail spaces. The abandoned building on the street below will be transformed to accommodate a multimedia library, reading rooms, and activity rooms. In particular, the natural displacement of the existing rampart line will create a new volume overlooking the valley.

Location: Peccioli (PI), Italy

Year: 2015 – on going project

Type: Redevelopment

Client: Belvedere Spa

Surface area: 2500 m2

Project: Mario Cucinella Architects

Team: Mario Cucinella, Marco Dell’Agli, Tommaso Bettini, Emanuele Dionigi, Paolo Greco with Alberto Menozzi, Eugenio Armando De Nicola, Stefano Bastia, Biagio Amodio, Augusta Zanzillo, Marta Torsello. Models: Yuri Costantini, Andrea Genovesi

Visual: Alessia Monacelli

Photo credit: MCArchive

Consultants: Augusto Bottai (structures) Luca Sani (systems) Andrea Falchi (bills of quantities)