Sport and Cultural Center Bondeno

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Quistello Recreation Center “Hub Oltrepò Mantovano”
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Sport and Cultural Center Bondeno

Centro Polifunzionale di Arte e Cultura a Bondeno (5)

From the forms of the landscape, spaces for the energies of the territory.

The Sport and Cultural Center completes the services network of the Municipality of Bondeno, offering citizens new gathering spaces related to the diffusion of culture. The project is located in the immediate vicinity of the historic center, in an area well connected with the rest of the urban and strategic context, with a playful and sporty appearance thanks to the presence of an important planted area.

The intervention consists of two cylindrical buildings that are inspired by the typical forms of the country’s rural landscapes, such as silos or hay bales. The intent is to give residents a building not “imposed from above”, a stranger to the area, but a building that stems from traditions of the place, its distinctive features – recognizable and close to the people.

Each cylinder will have distinct functions. The larger building has a large hall of 250 square meters with an extremely flexible structure, which will be used for conferences, theater performances, exhibitions and light sports activities (aerobics, yoga, gymnastics for the elderly, etc.). Total capacity is 220 seats, divided between the hall and the upper galleries. Completing the structure are a foyer and service areas.
The smaller cylinder is used for educational activities and promotion of the wine and gastronomic specialties of the area.

The construction technique combines steel and wood. The circular walls are fully glazed in order to optimize natural lighting and visual permeability. A steel screen shields the windows from the sun to optimize indoor radiation and passive heating. A system of photovoltaic panels covering the roof of the larger cylinder guarantees the production of electricity for use in both buildings.

Location: Bondeno (FE) Italy

Year: 2017

Beneficiary: Municipality of Bondeno



Mario Cucinella Architects: Mario Cucinella, Marco Dell’Agli with Valentino Gareri

Project team: Mirco Bianchini, Francesco Galli, Valentino Gareri, Federico La Piccirella, Clelia Zappalà

Visual: Paris render studio

Photo credit: Daniele Domenicali, MCArchive

Mechanical Design: Ing. Riccardo Giannoni

Electrical Design: Studio tecnico P.S.

Structural Design: Sarti Ingegneria

Computation: Geom. Roberto Guidi

Fire Consultant: Ing. Gabriele Raffellini



Mechanical: Studio Zecchini s.r.l.

Electrical: Pampuri s.r.l.

Structural: Ing. Chierici, Ing. Patrick Falcin

Construction Manager: Arch. Marco Dell’Agli

Safety Coordination: Ing. Luca Lenzi

Quality control: Ing. Lorenzo Travagli



Parent Company: Stone s.r.l.

Systems: Aleberti & Tagliazucchi s.r.l.

Steel: Cometa s.r.l.