Unipol Group Headquarters

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Unipol Group Headquarters


Unipol Group Headquarters

It was in the heart of the city of Milan that the biggest urban transformation of the last decades occurred here in Italy. And within this new context stands the UnipolSai Tower, which hosts the Milan offices of the Italian insurance giant.

The new headquarters is charaterized by a fine and functional design, the result of a rigorous project development, through every element of the  building, from the volume to the facade system, from the interior to the public spaces around the structure, contribute to create an efficient machine without giving anything to the pure formalism.

The building has 23 floors above ground – plus 3 floors underground – to a height of nearly 120 meters and a total area of 31,000 square meters. The façade, with its shaped geometry, is also a metaphor of the web-like system of social relationships. Made of steel, wood and glass the tower will host commercial spaces, a major auditorium of over 270 places, offices and a panoramic roof garden with a space for meetings and to host public cultural events.


Location: Milan, Italy

Type: Competition

Year: 2015 – on going project

Client: Gruppo Unipol

Project: Mario Cucinella Architects

Team: Mario Cucinella, Michele Olivieri,Augusto Barichello, Damiano Comini, Maria Persichella (BIM Manager), Fabrizio Bonatti (BIM Coordinator) with Fabrizio Bassetta, Gianmarco Daniele, Davide Giambelli, Andrea Guazzotti, Julissa Gutarra, Rachid Hicheri, Giovanni Lenci, Alberto Menozzi, Alessandro Miele, Daniele Morelli, Lapo Naldoni, Laura Petroncini, Enrico Pintabona, Michele Roveri. Bioclimatic design: Irene Giglio, Andrea Rossi. Models: Yuri Costantini, Andrea Genovesi.

Management: Giulia Floriani, Eugenio Roncacci

Visual: Engram Studio, Alessia Monacelli

Photo credit: MCArchive

Competition: Mirco Bianchini, Daniele Basso, Alberto Bruno, Sebastian Carril, Pietro Marziali, Eugenio De Nicola, Irene Sapienza

Structures:  Ing. Massimo Majowiecki

M&E Engineering: Deerns Italia S.p.A.

Fire Security: Ing. Giuseppe Amaro

Lighting Design: Cannata & Partners

Landscape  Design: Greencure. Landscape & Healing Gardens

Consultant for Façade Design: Faces Engineering srl

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