Imagine a world where beauty is soulful and sustainable

Sustainability is a global conversation that grows ever more urgent. Beauty is a design fundamental that is ever more mistreated. At MCA, we believe that forging a bond between sustainability and beauty reveals a fresh relevance and vast potential. For us, sustainability is the pursuit of new beauty.

Our pursuit is guided by these ambitions:

Redefine beauty for our times

We dream of and design for a deep beauty, one that integrates environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and cultural contribution.

Design sustainability from every angle

There is so much more to sustainability than functions and features.
We embrace a process of exploration and experimentation, interpretation, and creation.

We are continuously learning, shoulder to shoulder with our SOS – School of Sustainability Foundation.

Our research into traditional ways and innovative methods is teaching us how to sustain life in all its manifestations.

Practice creativity with empathy

The best architecture springs from a connection with all that a location has been and could be.

We search for the soul of a site.

We believe each building is a complex system, unique to its context and connected to its culture. Buildings must embody empathy as well as efficiency.

Be brave and honest adventurers

We are a design studio with diverse talents in research and development, architecture and engineering, planning and making.

Collectively, we are driven by our vision. As designers, we approach every collaboration with honesty.

As people, we are open about the obstacles we encounter as well as the breakthroughs we achieve.

Lead the way with open arms

We welcome all who share our vision to join our mission, and we pledge our commitment to be leaders in the quest.

Together, we will redefine beauty as holistic, rethink buildings as humanistic, and reinvent sustainability as a profound sensitivity to the spirit of place and people.