Children’s Land

A children center for Um al Nasser

In the village of Um al Nasser, a few kilometers from the Erez, in Gaza, there is the new multi-purpose center for children. The complex, which houses 150 children from the local Bedouin community, was co-designed by MC A and the ArCò – Architecture & Cooperation, thanks to funding from the Italian government and the NGO “Vento di Terra”.

The project aims to enhance the local identity reinterpreting the model of the Bedouin tent.

The multifunctional structure of Um Al Nasser is inspired by the traditional characters representing them in the form of contemporary architectural elements. The tent is replaced by a broad coverage that, folds back on itself, recalls the different inclinations of the sheets. The horizontal lines of the typical Bedouin textiles are reinterpreted through wooden brise-soleil that allow control of solar radiation. The construction technique used was that of “Earthbag”: was provided for a wooden structure while the walls were made with sandbags. The ease of construction method has allowed the use of local manpower also not specialized.

The school has also a constructed wetland and a photovoltaic system that allows it to function thanks to the continuous and consistent solar energy.

Contributor: Ministero Degli Affari Esteri – Cooperazione Italiana; Cei – Conferenza Episcopale Italiana; Comune Di Milano; Comune Di Sesto San Giovanni (MI); L.U.S.H. Italia; Rete Sostenitori Vento Di Terra Ong

Project: Arcò – Architettura & Cooperazione with the collaboration of Mario Cucinella Architects
Work Supervision: Arcò – Architettura & Cooperazione
Environmental strategies consultants: arch. Alberto Bruno, arch. Giulia Pentella – R&D Mario Cucinella Architects
Water harvesting system design: Mauro Lajo – Artecambiente
Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Design: Dr. Mohammed Salem – Brothers Engineering Group
Photovoltaic System Supervision: Marco Peduzzi – Rete Solare per l’Autocostruzione
Structural Design: Paolo Bacci – E Plus Studio
Photo credit: MCArchive

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