Iperceramica Headquarters

Comfort and nature

The design of the new office building for the Bayker-Iperceramica company is intended to be a simple, functional shell with a strongly contemporary image.

The structures are made of prefabricated wooden elements (glulam pillars, load-bearing walls and X-Lam floors), guaranteeing use of the latest construction technologies in terms of materials, sustainability and prefabrication systems.

The project paid considerable attention to the comfort of the interiors, the consequent wellbeing of the staff and the permeability of natural light; in this regard, there will be great transparency towards the outside and views of an internal courtyard enriched with trees and shrubs

To protect the glass walls from the sun’s rays, the project envisages a large roof sail jutting out from the outer edge of the façade, with different overhangs depending on orientation and solar analysis.

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