Pioltello – Preliminary design for a masterplan

Pioltello – Preliminary design for a masterplan

“Telluric movement” is the essential gestural generator of the project.

Existing natural structures are the engine of this movement – water on one side and a park on the other – which seem to interpenetrate, creating a sequence of ripples in the landscape.

The result of these tensions is a sequence of parallel “fingers”, which rise and fall as “waves” of various shapes to contain the various functions provided by the plan. Promoted by Pirelli Real Estate, the intervention has a cost of 110 million Euros and covers an area of 82,000 m2.

Client: Pirelli & C. Real Estate Project Management Spa
Surface area: 82 000 m2
Project: Mario Cucinella Architects
Team: Mario Cucinella, Elizabeth Francis, Stefano Brunelli, Tommaso Bettini, Carmine Concas, Eva Cantwell, Cristina Garavelli
Engineering for structures: Favero e Milan
Mechanical, electrical and lighting engineering: Manens Intertecnica
Quantity Surveyor: Mario Cucinella Architects, Geom. Capriati
Photo credit: MCArchive

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