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Project of management optimization of the Facility Pole “Lo Scapigliato”

The project was designed not as a screening or mimicry operation but, on the contrary, as integration and dialogue between the natural and the artificial.

The project of optimization of the facility Pole “Lo Scapigliato”, site in the municipality of Rosignano Marittimo, has the goal of transforming the whole complex system of waste disposal in a new center in which the theme of the material recovered will become the driving force for a number of initiatives to promote the development of a ‘circular economy that is strongly linked to the territory.

The master plan provides for the gradual transformation of the landfill into green areas where a pedestrian path from the circular ” marking ” the landscape gently reclining in the Tuscan hills to become a landmark in a position to give a new identity to the site. The new Facility Pole develops on the ridge of the hill conforming in a series of terraces bordered by retaining walls with undulating shape and covered in raw land. This terraces integrate the intervention with the surrounding hills and the green roof system on the roof ensures a pleasant view from neighboring detect.

Client: REA Impianti
Project: Mario Cucinella Architects
Project Team: Mario Cucinella, Luca Sandri, Emanuele Dionigi, Valentina Torrente, Silvia Conversano, Nadir Casella
Visual: Engram Studio
Consultants: Ingegneria Civile Ambientale studio Associato, Stingea Studio Associa, Studio T.En, Studio INLAND, Gardone Associati

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