13 Architectural Installations at Milan Design Week and Salone del Mobile 2024

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Milan Design Week has long been one of the most significant events in the global design sphere, showcasing groundbreaking concepts and visionary talent and fostering critical discourse in the design community. From the expansive trade fair Salone Del Mobile in Rho Fiera to design districts scattered across the city, Design Week brings together diverse voices, perspectives, and talent. According to Salone del Mobile’s press statement, this year’s fair had 17.1% more visitors than in 2023, with a record turnout of 361,417 visitors overall.

With visitors from China, Germany, Spain, Brazil, India, Turkey, Japan, and many more, the design week showcases a plethora of exhibitions, installations, talks, and panels. As the week comes to a close, running from April 15-21st, 2024, this article highlights diverse installations throughout the city relevant for architects and designers globally. Whether it is Mario Cucinella’s exploration of regeneration, Google’s display experimenting with sensory and color, or MAD architects investigating the boundaries of natural and man-made landscapes, the week was filled with fruitful collaborations that showcase the future of design.

Città Miniera: Unveiling Urban Mining

Mario Cucinella Architects


Presented by Mario Cucinella Architects, Città Miniera is a featured installation at the Solferino 28 event, now in its second edition as part of Milan Design Week 2024. The installation delves into the concept of the future city through the lens of regeneration. It redefines the human-inhabited spaces as sources of inspiration that can rejuvenate themselves. In fact, the overall theme of material reuse is showcased in the raw materials of the installation, extracted and repurposed into infrastructure, buildings, and everyday items.