SOS - School of Sustainability

People have changing desires and needs while facing new economic, environmental and social challenges. Architecture and urban design are called upon to provide appropriate responses in harmony with the environment and the cultural context. However, there is a clear disconnect between aspirations and outcomes when it comes to sustainability. To bridge the gap, we must redraw the professional figure of the architect through new approaches and visionary learning strategies.

Mario Cucinella – SOS Founder and President

SOS is

• a professional school aimed at recent graduates to build experience in a setting that integrates education, research and practice

• a comprehensive program, combining principles with a practice-based approach to the design and application of the most advanced methods, processes and tools

• a training opportunity distinguished by a focus on the application of sustainable architecture, from urban to product scale, from developing to advanced communities

SOS Mission

• provide the highest quality practice-based experience and opportunities for the next generation of professionals

• serve as a nexus for the exchange of knowledge in the building industry, the community and the profession

• develop a culture of responsible and sustainable design methods, processes and practices

SOS works

• by embracing global challenges at a local scale through co-design and public participation

• at the intersection of academic and research institutions, government, industry, professional organisations and the public

• at the forefront of practice-based use-inspired research for the built environment industry and the profession

To Design the Future...

The SOS – School of Sustainability Master’s Program is designed to leverage the collective energy and individual experiences of the SOS students and team within the professional context of Mario Cucinella Architects (MC A).

The program is based on a curriculum that combines training with research, practice and direct experience through collaboration with major industrial partners.

SOS Curriculum

The Full Year Master's Program is divided into three parts:

• Part 1 - Six Foundation Courses

• Part 2 - Project Tracks

• Part 3 - Final Dissertation

The foundations courses will also be available as Standalone Modules to be taken individually, for executive students unable to attend the full-time Master's Program, but interested in developing some specific topics topics covered in our academic offering.

Admissions & Application Guidance

SOS - School of Sustainability Master’s Program welcomes applications from all over the world. SOS seeks recent graduates and emerging professionals with diverse backgrounds to form a multidisciplinary group capable of undertaking environmental challenges using a research-driven creative approach.

The program and particularly the project tracks are aimed primarily to architects, engineers and designers although the School invites candidates with other profiles, on the basis of their motivation and skills in relation to the content proposed in the courses.

The criteria for acceptance to the Master's Programme are talent and motivation, along with the commitment and the ambition to contribute to the spreading of the culture of sustainability. Interested students will be assessed on the basis of a motivational letter, CV and portfolio.

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