Decorative Lightscapes Designed by Outdoor Lamps

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Lighting returns to the basics in order to illuminate outdoor spaces, outlining welcoming and comfortable spaces to relax when the sun goes down. The gaze of contemporary design, then, looks to those tools supporting our sensorial perception for a total experience of the space — even in the dark. With this, new outdoor lamps flaunt a light that has increasingly become the star of the show, revealing reflections and refractions that paint striking and fascinating landscapes. Meanwhile, the lighting body itself accompanies the scenic effect with a minimal or mimetic design that’s both ethereal and intangible, almost merging with the vegetation through a biophilic camouflage.

Trilix, designed by Mario Cucinella for Artemide

©Federico Villa

A flat disk with a ring of direct light that gently spreads into the surrounding space, evoking the earth's satellite that illuminates the darkness. The Trilix outdoor lamp, designed by Mario Cucinella for Artemide, features a light structure composed of three intertwining elements. The name, which comes from Latin, actually means three threads and refers to the ancient Roman tradition of weaving a set of three threads together to achieve greater strength. The head of the lamp concentrates the light emission downward in a controlled, subtle yet open manner, generating a wide area of light.