The e-building of Ferrari by MCA

July 1, 2024
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© Duccio Malagamba

The project by MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects for the new e-building of Ferrari included designing the external facades and the main internal spaces, as an example of industrial architecture that has been designed to meet Ferrari’s most innovative and specific manufacturing needs.

Located in the new northern expansion area of the Maranello production site, the new building, which is on two main levels plus two mezzanine floors, encompasses a total area of 42,500 sqm.

©Duccio Malagamba

It accommodates both production and administrative functions, and is devoted to the production of internal combustion, hybrid and, in the future, electric Ferrari.

The e-building embraces an industrial aesthetic by the application of a continuous, luminous façade of opalescent windows.

©Duccio Malagamba

Beneath, prefabricated panels with alternating finishes provide a rhythmic base, interspersed with sections of clear glass, offering glimpses into the interior activities of the building.

This translucent material choice dematerializes the building’s presence and provides optimal natural lighting, reflecting the surrounding landscape during daylight hours and transforming it into an illuminated beacon after nightfall.

©Duccio Malagamba

The façade design, following Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) principles, ensures efficient on-site assembly and reduces environmental impact.

The design concept is based on the shared necessity to reduce environmental impact. The building was constructed without using new land, instead utilizing the existing footprints of old industrial buildings.

©Duccio Malagamba

The entire building is designed to achieve a NZeb performance level of Class A2, with recyclable materials certified by leading organisations for minimal emissions of substances into the environment.

Additionally, it features heat pump air conditioning systems, complemented by a substantial amount of energy production from renewable sources (1.3 MW of photovoltaic panels installed on the roof).

©Duccio Malagamba

Water is managed by collecting it in a storage tank, enabling it to be reused within the building. Ferrari envisioned this project to maximise people wellbeing.

Attention for people is expressed through every design aspect: break areas, designed using materials and colours intended to enhance visual well-being; green spaces, and a traffic-restricted road network to enhance comfort and efficiency. MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects.

©Duccio Malagamba

Location: Maranello, Modena, Italy
Architect: MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects
Project Director: Michele Roveri
Design Leader: Michele Olivieri
Project Leader: Alessandro Gazzoni
Project Team: Benedetta Mingardi, Maria Beccaria, Paolo Greco, Andrea Rossi, Lucrezia Rendace
R&D Unit Manager: Lori Zillante
Senior R&D Specialists: Lorenzo Porcelli, Valentina Porceddu
Visual Unit Manager: Alessia Monacelli
Senior Visual Artist Specialists: Walter Vecchio
Visual Artist Specialists: Lorenzo Mancini, Gianlorenzo Petrini, Vincenzo Metafora
Structural design: Planning Ingegneria
Building services and fire prevention design: Pool Progetti, SY.TEC Srl, Planning Ingegneria
Client: Ferrari S.p.A.
Area: 42,500 sqm
Year: 2024
Photographs: Duccio Malagamba, Courtesy of MCA.