Sensitivity, Creativity, Sustainability

Crediti Foto Francesco Paolucci


"Envisioning sustainable buildings means entering into an intimate relationship with the climate and with the concept of place. We have to imagine buildings that have only a minimum of visible technology, and maximize instead the efficiency of form, as materials change to become an active part in the final result, silently performing a task, a function, and becoming part of a new circular economy. This process seems to me to be a step closer to the complexity of nature rather than to that of mechanical artifice such that buildings will possess a high degree of empathy, a creative empathy."

Mario Cucinella



The Italian Pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale.

But what is really Arcipelago Italia? It is the result of a collective call launched in June 2017 by the curator who goes through a cognitive survey on the projects or under construction, has been interpreted by roles that contemporary architecture can play in settlements distant from large centers and often perceived as marginal and passing places.